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Product marketing leadership for high-growth startups 

Executing all of the right sales and marketing tactics—but still struggling to create and close pipeline?

Without nailing your go-to-market basics, you’re lighting your marketing and sales dollars on fire. And, burning out your team in the process. I’ve seen (and lived) your revenue challenges firsthand, having led product marketing for several high-growth startups over the past decade. The solution always lies in getting crystal clear on: 


  • The problem you’re solving

  • The buying group that cares about solving that problem 

  • A view of who else is solving this problem—and how you stack up 

  • The value of solving that problem

  • How you talk about all of these things in the market

That’s where we can help.

How we can work together 

Everyone’s challenges are slightly different based on your company size, team size and the maturity of your product marketing function. But, most client engagements look like one—or a mix—of these options:


Go-To-Market Strategy Workbook 


Understand everything you need to nail your product positioning before you launch a new product, enter a new market or tailor your solution for a specific vertical. 


This workbook has been battle-tested through dozens of launches I’ve led over the years. It starts by laying out all of the foundational building blocks of a solid GTM strategy. Then, walks you through practical steps to take to get each building block right.



I’m the founder and principal consultant here at Matu Consulting. I’ve spent over a decade building go-to-market strategies for B2B SaaS tech startups and scaleups including Coconut Software, Axonify, Ten Thousand Coffees and to name a few.  


I grew from Senior Product Marketing Manager to Director of Product Marketing to VP of Product Marketing in less than three years and know what it takes to build a high performing product marketing function. 

I’m on a mission to help teams nail their GTM basics so they can make the most of every marketing and sales dollar they spend. 

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